Fetching breakfast in Beijing can be somewhat intimidating when you don’t know the language, but when I saw the hustle and bustle of this street food cafe, I couldn’t resist.

People were munching on congee (Chinese savory porridge), eggs and buns on rough tables in the open air. With a little finger pointing, I managed to order dumplings (a whole steam basket for only 6 yuan/$1!), some sort of soy milk bowl and fried dough. The meal was satisfying, but eating like a Beijinger, priceless!


There were also some delicious fruit stalls nearby, you have to negotiate with them or else they’ll try to charge you double the going rate. I washed apples and peaches with water from my hotel room and so far so good.

Off to a two-day train ride to Tibet!

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  1. Bear and her dumplings, I tell ya.

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